When a New Baby Isn’t the Only Thing You’re Managing: Tips for Getting Back Into Restaurant Management After Maternity Leave

After spending weeks at home bonding with your new little one and getting into the groove of a feeding and sleeping schedule that works for you and your newborn, the time will come when you have to return to work. Going back to work may mean eating, sleeping, and breathing the daily upkeep of a business. Business owners and managers devote their energy and time to their business’s growth and success, just as an active parent or guardian does for their child. Such dedication to work and finesse as a business professional doesn’t have to stop once a new baby arrives.

Here are some tips for parents of newborns to help you transition back to working a hands-on career such as restaurant management.

Make plans for your child’s care before returning to work.

The best time to create and solidify your child care plans for your baby is while you’re still on maternity leave. Reach out to individuals you trust and think will be a good caretaker for your new baby and make sure their schedule can match the hours of your workday. If your child’s regular caregiver can’t watch them while you’re at work, have a second or even a third caretaker in line.

Leave your babysitter with contact information for your baby’s pediatrician in case of emergencies, inform them of your baby’s feeding schedule, and have bottles of breastmilk prepared as necessary. You can make sure they’ll have all the supplies and accessories they’ll need by packing a diaper bag full of necessities like diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, food, clothes, blankets, and toys.

Additionally, provide your babysitter with a car seat and stroller for your baby, or two car seats and a double stroller if you have twins. For a high-quality stroller, consider any BOB stroller made with durable handlebars, front wheels, and rear wheels that ride comfortably on any terrain — from the BOB Revolution Flex to the BOB Rambler Jogging stroller, the BOB Revolution Pro, or the BOB Sport Utility stroller. Get the best BOB stroller that ensures your child has a safe and comfortable ride for everyday use or going along on errand runs.

Communicate with others at your restaurant and set expectations.

Restaurant managers and owners should be sure to keep the lines of communication open with those at the restaurant while they’re at home. Determine if your job and responsibilities will be the same as before you went on leave or if you anticipate changes, and discuss your transition plans for how you will return to work with your team. Checking in with your team is the best way to prepare for returning to work because doing so can tell you how business is going in your absence and inform you of what you will need to do when you return.


With restaurant management comes the responsibility of handling customer service, hiring, firing, and motivating staff, enhancing the menu, improving the restaurant’s exposure through advertising, increasing sales, and monitoring the restaurant’s revenue and expenses. As it’s the restaurant manager’s duty to cut costs and ensure optimal operations, you could benefit from making plans to do so while you’re on leave and enacting them when you return.

For instance, you may decide to switch to energy-efficient restaurant equipment to save money. Speak with your team to get an idea of what restaurant supplies and appliances need upgrading or replacing. Then, search for a reliable supplier of commercial restaurant appliances, such as commercial refrigeration equipment, ice machines, beverage equipment, warming equipment, and cooking equipment you can get for reasonable prices within your restaurant’s budget. Staying in regular contact with restaurant employees can help you meet the restaurant’s needs and keep your work plans up to date no matter how long you stay on maternity leave.

Include self-care in your plans.

Working moms should do their best to practice self-care. It’s vital that you’re in optimum physical, mental, and emotional condition to return to work, balance your new parental responsibilities, and have time for yourself. Eat well, exercise or take walks, find a hobby to do in any spare time you have, set a bedtime routine, and get enough rest. Managing a new baby and a restaurant can consume your time and thoughts, so it’s crucial to replenish the energy you use as a working mom and create a self-focused plan that works for you.

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