What Are the Different Types of Oysters

It is possible to categorize oysters by their size, source, and flavor profile. However, fresh oysters are often found in very few places, so it is difficult to know what is available.

European oysters are more prevalent in France and England, while Pacific oysters are more popular in America, Japan, and Australia. There are also local oysters on every continent. Although tying them all can be a very informative experience, oyster lovers will need to rely on their local oysters.

There are many oyster varieties that are more popular than others. The closest oysters to you are the best. Although freshness is better than variety when it comes to oysters, this is a fact that you have to accept when working with delicate seafood. Let’s now talk about the most loved oysters in the world.

1. European Flat Oysters

These oysters are sometimes called Belons in France or mud oysters here in Britain and they belong to the Ostrea edulis family. It is easy to spot European flat oysters because their shells are flat.

Archeological evidence suggests that this oyster type has not changed in more than 15 million years. It has also been enjoyed by Ancient Civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians.

2. Pacific Oysters

There’s a good chance that you picture Pacific oysters when you think about oysters. These oysters are very popular, especially on America’s west coast. These oysters can also be found in Australia and New Zealand.

3. Atlantic Oysters

Blue points, eastern oysters (Virginia oysters), Wellfleet oysters, and Virginia oysters are all names for Atlantic oysters. The Crassostrea Virginica oyster, a native of America, was widespread on America’s east coast up until the arrival of European colonists. It is believed that less than 1% of the population lived before the arrival of the British ships.

4. Kumamoto Oysters

Kumamoto oysters (Crassostrea Sikamea) are a Japanese specialty. These tiny oysters, measuring 1-2 inches in length, have a great flavor and are firm and juicy despite being small.

Although they aren’t the biggest oysters, Kumamoto oysters have a lot of fans because of their rich flavor and compatibility with the grill. These oysters are some of the sweetest, which makes them perfect for novices who may not be familiar with the bitter and fishy flavors of bivalves.

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