Visiting a Japanese restaurant in Aspen? Try these 5 dishes!

Japan is among healthiest countries in the world, and it definitely has to do with the kind of food people eat. If you are a fan of South-Asian cuisine, Japanese food will surprise you. Not always heavy on spices, but almost every dish has a signature flavor to it. In case you want to try Japanese cuisine or sushi in Aspen, you will find selected restaurants that serve authentic fare. In this post, we are sharing the popular dishes that demand your attention.

  1. Sushi

Of course, the first thing that people think about Japanese cuisine is sushi. Sushi is basically made out of a special kind of Japanese rice that’s seasoned with rice vinegar. The filling can be of your choice. There are varied options too – inarizushi, nigiri sushi, and makizushi. The last one is most restaurants serve, which includes rice & fillings rolled in nori seaweed.

  1. Udon

There is more to Japanese food than just sushi. Udon refers to a kind of noodles that’s made from wheat flour. Many restaurants use udon in different ways, but expect broths and soups with options like chicken and seafood. Udon is also added to many standard recipes involving stir-frying and is a must-try option for people new to the cuisine.

  1. Tempura

You are most likely to forget KFC when you try Tempura for the first time. Tempura basically refers to the style of frying. Fish, meat, or veggies are cut into slices and dipped in tempura batter and deep fried until crisp. Prawns tempura, for instance, is a favorite at many restaurants, and you can also try some of the odd things like Japanese eggplant.

  1. Sashimi

Warning – sashimi is not for everyone! It is, in fact, an acquired taste. Sashimi basically refers to thin slices of raw meat or fish, which is served with selected sauces and often with wasabi. Sashimi and sushi are not the same thing, because sushi may or may not include raw fish and always has rice. Sashimi is never served with rice and must include raw cuts. Only fresh fish is used for making sashimi.

  1. Ramen

The last one on our list is Ramen, which refers to a noodle soup. The base of ramen can be different, and the toppings often include seaweed, sliced pork and other meats. It is also one of the cheapest kinds of Japanese foods you can try.

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