The Rise of the Craft Beer Industry

The demand for fine beer led to the emergence of small independent micro brewers who have a passion for making craft beer and that provided some much-needed competition for the big breweries. The beer drinking population wanted something more than a bland lager that is mass produced and freelance brewers joined forces to create micro-breweries, where they create fine IPA and other craft beers.

Local Microbreweries

The chances are that you live within driving distance of a good microbrewery, where you can sample a good pilsner, plus most craft beer producers sell their products online and at very affordable prices I might add! You could search with Google and browse an extensive range of fine craft beers; order a mixed selection to discover the beer that really hits the spot. Then your cooler will always be full of premium beers, making you a very popular host!

Boosting the Local Economy

Rather than making the corporations richer, spend your beer money within your local community; premium beers that are brewed by experts, which stands head and shoulders above the mass-produced brands that most people drink. A microbrewery might employ 20+ people and if they all have families, that’s a lot of people you are helping when you order craft beer online, plus many are open to the public and you can meet like-minded folk who also appreciate fine beer.

Consumer Driven

Some would say that the craft beer sector emerged because of the consumer demand for fine beers and ales and there is some truth to this. It is worth noting that the big breweries in Australia and New Zealand were quietly monopolising pubs with their major brands of mass-produced beers, then around 10 years ago, as economies encouraged entrepreneurship, the microbrewery sector grew. This was a very welcome addition for the beer drinker, who can suddenly drink fine beers at their local microbrewery and when the pandemic arrived, the small breweries offered their beers online, which are shipped to your door.

This is wonderful news for all beer drinkers who can sample a range of craft beers until they find a favourite, while the pandemic doesn’t mean you have to quit drinking premium beer, not with online ordering.

Search with Google to find your nearest microbrewery and check out the list of fine pale ales and lagers they make and you can enjoy a new dimension in beer, the craft beer sector.

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