The Best Prawn Snack Recipes For Dinner Parties

There’s no better way to start your party with shrimp. Perfect in size and absolutely delicious, prawns can be turned into a variety of dishes. Not just that, they are so scrumptious that your guests could finish them in the first bite. If you are planning a party and would like to try some prawn snacks, take a look at our best prawn recipe ideas. 

Avocado Shrimp Recipe

Made with crunchy cucumbers and guacamole, avocado shrimp is delicious and not very high in calories. Not just that, they are creamy, zesty, and perfect for all types of dishes. You can always top them off with spiced cajun, heat them in a pan for a couple of minutes and you will be good to go!

Wonton Tacos

Love the idea of tacos? Why not try them in wonton style! Not only is this dish highly Instagrammable but also offers a range of tastes that you will love to experience. Between sweet chill and mango, they are the perfect kind of sauces you can try without seasonings also. Wonton Tacos are also quite a hit snack at parties that people seem to love.

Shrimp Cocktail Bites

Shrimp cocktail is also one of the most ideal starters that will never go out of style for you. The combination of shrimp with some spicy, tangy, and delicious sauce will not just taste delicious but will also make a world of difference. To prepare this, you will either need phyllo cups, we will also recommend that you use puff pastry and use tart cases. Try covering it up with cocktail sauces and you will be fine. You could either use the shrimp or add some more of it on the top. Some also prefer to grill the shrimp to enhance the taste.

Shrimp Bruschetta

This is another dish close to heaven. You can either consider topping this with hummus, shrimp, cheese, and others. It will also enhance the taste and make it appear more crunchy, fresh, and tasty. You can also experiment with sauces of your type. That will also enhance the taste. Try adding some sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, and a nice drizzle of glaze to make it taste perfect.

Overall, shrimps should definitely be added to the menu you are using for parties. Not only are they tasty but also healthy and nutritious. Shrimps prevent the cells of your body from being damaged. They can prevent signs of aging and wrinkles in the long run. It also reduces signs of sun damage and keeps you healthy in the long run.

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