Introducing You to The Tasty Sriracha Sauce

Are you always looking for new taste experiences? Do you want an alternative sauce to put on your burger? Are you a fan of spicy food with a touch of heat? If the answer to all these questions is yes, please read on for some great introductory information on an appetizing hot sauce called Sriracha, a perfect accompaniment for many different meals. So, just what is Sriracha sauce? It is a type of hot sauce of Thai origin and is a combination of chilli pepper paste, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt.

The Origins of Sriracha

This tasty sauce was first produced around 1940 by a Thai woman called Thanom Chakkapak from the town of Si Racha in eastern Thailand. First used as a dipping sauce, it now appears as a condiment on the tables of virtually every home or restaurant in Thailand as it is an excellent addition to soups, seafood, with eggs, or a burger. It has been extensively copied and exported, and it is particularly popular in the United States of America.

The Different Variations of Sriracha

There are many varieties of Sriracha sauce in Thailand and the countries where it has been successfully exported, with many different cooking products now available over the counter. Additions of various herbs and spices, such as Coriander or Lemongrass, offer a distinctive flavour, while Sriracha blends with Garlic, Ginger, or Mint are also popular. Of course, there is also the heat element, with Sriracha being available in everything from super-hot with a high chilli content to a much milder version that is mixed with mayonnaise.

Sriracha Around the World

Sriracha sauce is favoured by many people around the world but is particularly popular in the USA, where it is sometimes known as Rooster sauce, variations on the market include a Sriracha that is aged in old whisky barrels. Its appeal has also seen its use in many of the country’s favourite eating places, with Subway, Mcdonald’s, and Starbucks all using Sriracha sauce in some of their dishes.

Some Recipes to Try

Sriracha is a great addition to any meal, from steaks to salads, but it is particularly excellent in chicken curries, authentic Thai stir fry and with barbequed meat. As the ingredients are completely plant-based, it is also great in vegetarian and vegan meals such as noodles.

Sriracha sauce is a tasty alternative to your usual burger relish. If you like it hot, find your nearest supplier of Sriracha sauce today.

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