Finding The Best Family Restaurants In Arizona!

Steaks, pizza, seafood, and more – Arizona is every foodie’s delight. This is one of the larger states in the US, so you can only expect nothing but the best of options, and that too, many to count. If you are looking for restaurants in Yuma AZ, you will be surprised with options, and for you help, we have shortlisted three of the most popular ones.

Angry Crab Shack

This is easily one of the best restaurants in Arizona for families and backpackers alike. The casual ambience of Angry Crab Shack combined with incredible food makes it a must-visit food haven. Expectedly, crab remains one of their most ordered items on the menu, but this is a seafood restaurant at its core, and you will find anything from mussels to even blue crab. The restaurant also has incredible beef and chicken dishes, and the staff here is really friendly. Angry Crab Shack has something for every guest as far as spice tolerance is concerned. The restaurant does have branches in Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson.

Camp Social

Another popular option is Camp Social, which is best visited for all the appetizers they have on the menu. Camp Social is also famed for its pizzas, which are named after the different national parks. Their salads are also commendable, and you will have a fun time reading the menu. This is more of a zone for the youngsters, but we believe even the families will have a good time.

The Teapot

Don’t go by the name. The Teapot is one of the better options around for families, and while this might not be a big restaurant as compared to the ones mentioned above, the food is incredibly good. What makes them a true winner of sorts is the area they offer for kids. Note that the park area has to be accessed for a charge per kid, so keep that in mind.

Other tips

Seafood restaurants in Arizona are particularly popular, but that isn’t all you can taste here. The locals here often like to have chilaquiles as a full meal for breakfast. For the uninitiated, the dish includes salsa and tortillas with eggs, and we promise you will also love the meat variations of it. A lot of restaurants here also serve a whole range of steaks and barbeque food. Arizona, especially Phoenix, has many options for every kind of taste. Don’t shy away from experiencing different recipes, because the surprises are huge.

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