A Guide to Ordering Craft Beers Online

You may well be one of the many who have already discovered craft beer, or you could be someone who has heard the term but isn’t quite sure what craft beer actually is. Craft beers are brewed by independent brewers who form microbreweries; a joint venture between several parties would lead to the creation of a local business and aside from having venues where you can enjoy their fine beers, you can also order online, which is great during the pandemic.

New Zealand

There are a few notable microbreweries in NZ that produce fine craft beer and they can be located with a Google search. Rather than drinking the major brands we find on the supermarket shelves, you can enjoy fine pale ales and pilsners that are made by local brewers; in other words, you are supporting local businesses, which benefits the whole community.

Secure Online Payment

Ordering fine craft beer online has never been easier and their site is secure; literally a few clicks and your order will be shipped to your home address. You are advised to start with a mixed selection pack, which comprises of a few of their most popular beers and you can get enough info on their website to choose the right selection packs.

European Recipes – Local Ingredients

New Zealand microbreweries take the best of the old European recipes and using local ingredients, they create superb beers that are unique to their locality. Of course, the brewers experiment and the best results are offered for sale, either on-premises or via their website – if you would like to sample their selection, simply Google ‘microbreweries near me’ and that will give you a list of websites.

Better Taste & Affordability

However much you spend a month on beer, you are going to benefit when you make the switch to fine craft beers (sold draught at venues and bottles and cans online) and the fact that the premium beer is no more expensive than your regular will not be lost on you. Your fridge can host a great selection of beers and your friends will visit more often once they know you have cold craft beer in the cooler.

Mixed Selections

If you are new to craft beer, you are advised to order a mixed selection that might consist of 4-5 different beers, each lovingly brewed to create a unique taste and it won’t take long for you to develop a liking for a couple, then you can order directly from the brewer in packs of bottles or cans.

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