6 Signs to Tell If Sushi is Bad

Sushi is a delicious way to fill up, whether you make it yourself or order it from a restaurant.

What if the sushi that you bought isn’t as fresh or has an unusual appearance? Can you still eat it? This article will show you how to tell whether sushi is good or bad.

How Do You Know If Your Sushi Is Bad?

It Smells Bad

The smell of sushi can be a sign that it is not good. The main ingredient of sushi should not smell fishy.

Even if flash-frozen fish was used, the food shouldn’t be stale. As long as it is high quality and properly handled, it shouldn’t.

If the sushi has a strong ammonia-like smell when it is served, this is a sign that it is not fresh.

Rice Is Both Hard and Crumbly

Do not eat unrefrigerated sushi rice if it is too hard. When pressed, sushi rice of good quality should be soft and elastic. Avoid eating sushi rice that arrives at your table cracked.

However, you should not eat rice that is too slimy or mushy. White rice should be left white. It’s best to throw away sushi that is brown.

The Fish Appears Dull

You can send the fish back if it has discoloration or dark spots. Fresh fish should have a consistent, vibrant color and a translucent appearance. If seafood appears dull, it is not fresh.

The Fish Is Too Slimy and Soft

Touching the fish can also help you determine if it is safe to eat. It should feel firm and not slimy. You can test the fish by pressing it with your finger. If the fish leaves marks or indentions, it isn’t fresh.

The Nori Is Mushy

The nori wrapper or seaweed wrapper should be crisp and easy to eat. It is not recommended to eat mushy nori or seaweed wrappers. If the nori is slimy or moist, it means that the sushi was left on the counter too long.

It Tastes Strange

Tuna is light and clean when you bite into it, while salmon feels soft and smooth. Avoid eating them if they are too gummy or have an unpleasant taste.

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