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Wondering which chocolate bar is the most popular? Research shows that this depends on the country but that certain flavours are massively popular globally. Plain dark chocolate bars and plain milk chocolate bars have always been winners. Hazelnut chocolate bars are best sellers. Almond chocolate bars have a legion of lovers. Orange chocolate bars are zesty favourites. Caramel chocolate bars are sweetly irresistible. And many people go nuts for peanut butter chocolate bars. There are even certain trends that are growing in popularity. Fair trade and organic chocolate bars are capturing the hearts of ethical consumers while larger numbers of health-conscious people are being drawn to gluten-free and sugar-free chocolate bars.

Since 68% of men and 75% of women admit to indulging in chocolate on a regular basis, it’s worth finding the best chocolate bars that satisfy your cravings and personal preferences.


There’s something special about a chocolate bar gift box like Les Tablettes Du Monde which tells a story about beautiful monuments and has an assortment of smooth milk chocolate, intense dark chocolate, and rich white chocolate with nuts and other delights. After all, chocolate is not just for occasions and celebrations. It’s a wonderful daily treat that changes your mood and captures the moment. And the best way to enjoy your daily dose of sweet happiness is with chocolate bars. Especially when the chocolate bars are the result of chefmanship, are made with premium ingredients using exclusive recipes, and come in stunningly designed packaging. It’s contemporary luxury that’s only a click away. With Patchi you can order the finest quality chocolate bars online and have them delivered straight to your home anywhere in Lebanon, KSA, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.



Thinking of getting chocolate bar gift box delivery? Plain chocolate is a great choice given how many fans it has. Milk chocolate enthusiast? Finesse is your ultimate pleasure. Health-conscious milk chocolate devotee? Douceur milk chocolate with no added sugar is your guilt-free indulgence. Dark chocolate fanatic? Noblesse is the full experience of premium 70% cacao dark chocolate while Eighty is the absolute excitement of 80% cacao dark chocolate. Health-conscious dark chocolate admirer? Caresse dark chocolate without added sugar is sheer intensity.

Famous chocolate bars Flavour


Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavour because of its subtle versatility. And while the natural vanilla notes in premium chocolate are sensationally appealing, true chocolate lovers want more chocolate bar flavors. So uncover Diamantine, priceless velvety milk chocolate with crunchy almonds. Discover Célèste, the celestial union of silky milk chocolate and crumbly feuilletine. And be bold with Audace, smooth milk chocolate with crunchy hazelnuts.


Milk chocolate bar with strawberry is a sweet yet sour combination that awakens all 5 senses. But the truly sublime experience is Sublime, intense dark chocolate with dried strawberries and almonds.

White Chocolate Raspberry

White chocolate with raspberry is wonderfully dramatic. But this doesn’t mean that you should overlook the mouth-watering contrast of a strawberry chocolate bar. Eclat is the delectable brightness of rich white chocolate and tangy dried strawberries.

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Crisped Rice Bar

When looking for the best chocolate bars, reconnect with your inner child. Relive warm memories with Harmonie, the harmonious union of rich white chocolate, crisped rice, and crunchy hazelnuts, and Légère, the satisfaction of smooth milk chocolate with crunchy hazelnuts.
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Asking yourself where there’s a chocolate bar gift box near me? Want to get creative? Consider a customized chocolate bar gift box. Start by selecting bars that suit the personalities and tastes of your friends, family members, or colleagues. Is someone a beautiful mix of interests and moods? Then opt for Metisse, smooth milk chocolate with soft raisins and crunchy nuts. Are they fun loving and full of wacky energy? The big milk chocolate bar with caramelized almonds and hazelnuts, cocoa nibs, and sugar blackberry is a smashing choice…especially since it comes with a mallet so you can break it into tempting pieces.

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